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About Joana Santos, Commercial Photographer

Hello! I'm Joana Santos, a freelance professional photographer and owner of a photo studio in Algarve, Portugal. I offer commercial photography services worldwide remotely, with a client-focused approach.

My journey started in the culturally rich landscapes of France and Luxembourg, sparking a deep appreciation for diverse art forms.

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in contemporary minimalism, finding serenity in simplicity and creating refined elegance through precision and meticulous attention to light and details.

Studio Photo and Autoportrait of Joana Santos, Commercial Photographer in Algarve, Portugal


Senior Photographer

With a client-focused approach, I bring a meticulous touch to every project, ensuring a professional and precise visuals that cater to diverse marketing and commercial needs.

Photo Editor and Retoucher

Refining images through high-end editing and retouching techniques, enhancing visual aesthetics to deliver polished, professional results.

Studio Lighting Specialist

I design lighting studio setups with precision, which serves the dual purpose of showcasing subjects while conveying compelling messages aligned with commercial and marketing objectives.

Studio Manager and Coordinator

As a photo studio owner, I manage client relations, coordinate teams, and direct models, ensuring seamless collaboration and the smooth execution of projects.


My commitment to mastery is reflected in my continuous learning journey. I've had the privilege of learning from industry experts. These courses, offer in-depth knowledge, ensuring that my skills stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving photography landscape.

Understanding Light in Photography - by Julien Apruzzese

In Julien Apruzzese's photography course on understanding light, I acquired fundamental knowledge applicable to all photographic themes, whether natural or artificial light, still life, or portraits.

The course aimed to unravel the physical properties of light independently of specific scenarios, providing a theoretical foundation for unleashing creativity.


The course covered essential concepts such as the nature of light, shadows, the impact of light sources, reflections, and the selection of lighting equipment.

The teaching approach was focusing on topics like the physics of light, the nature of light, geometric optics theory, illumination, shadows, light sources, reflections, and lighting equipment, concluding with a practical session on creating an image from concept to capture. 

Rather than focusing solely on specific tools, the course delved into understanding the human eye, emphasizing the importance of visual education and a nuanced grasp of human vision.

The course covered how the human eye perceives colors and variations, and the intricacies of digital file retouching, to establish a methodical post-processing workflow.

Julien introduced the concept of breaking down images into three layers—color masses, long variations, and short variations—each impacting images differently.

The training extended to understanding color harmony, contrast, and the various tools essential for effective retouching.

Additionally, the course explored the Dodge and Burn technique for nuanced retouching and introduced a novel approach to frequency separation. also shared insights into workflow management, color calibration, and format selection.

In this B2B Photography Business course, I learned strategies for standing out, expanding clientele, and creating and negotiating quotes in a competitive market with diverse client demands.


The focus was on adapting to a professional clientele and developing entrepreneurial skills, making working in B2B potentially lucrative.


The course covered business fundamentals, self-evaluation, goal-setting, identifying ideal clients, branding, being discoverable through various channels, and engagement strategies.


The course concluded with insights on execution, working with teams, production calendars, growth strategies, client retention, and continuous learning for professional development.

In this course I learned effective and versatile shooting techniques for various clients, including studio portraits, natural light settings, interior photography, culinary photography, and corporate photography.

Practical insights covered organizational strategies, adapting to different scenarios, and optimized post-processing techniques.


On the business side, the course addressed studio management, networking, client conversion, and successful selling practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of professional photography from shooting to business development.

Quentin Decaillet delved into product photography and advertising, exploring technical aspects such as lighting techniques, reflections, transparency, polarization and more.

The insights provided encompassed marketing strategies, developing a photographic style, collaborating with clients, estimating services, and post-production processes.


Specific product shoots for wine, jewelry, and cosmetics were comprehensively addressed, spanning from briefing to post-production workflows

Julien Pons's Capture One Pro course provided a thorough overview, discussing the software's audience, comparing it with other professional tools like Lightroom and DXO Photolab, and exploring its interface.


The program covered essential topics such as image management workflows, sessions, catalogs, and specific scenarios like importing from Lightroom.


The modules detailed adjustments in lens, color, exposure, and details panels, showcasing the use of masks, layers, and gradient filters for portrait, lifestyle, studio, landscape, and travel photography.


Special cases, including adjustments, output, and batch processing, were covered, emphasizing efficient exportation methods.


The course concluded with discussions on different formats, profiles, and end-of-production modules, providing a comprehensive understanding of Capture One Pro.

In Julien Apruzzese's advanced Capture One Pro course, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the software's post-production tools. The training provided a comprehensive methodology, bridging science and art, independent of specific cases.


Topics covered ranged from workspace and color management to in-depth studies of advanced tools like lens correction, exposure, color editing, and noise reduction.


The course also included case studies and advanced techniques such as using layers and masks, with a focus on a structured post-production methodology.

Photo Retouching with Photoshop
by Julien Pons

In Julien Pons' extensive Photoshop course, I gained a robust foundation to seamlessly integrate Photoshop into my workflow, by focusing on methodical photo retouching for desired results, regardless of complexity.

The course prioritized productivity enhancement, providing insights into managing post-production workflows applicable to various photo editing software.

The program covered essential concepts, from primary colors and screen functioning to the philosophy of Photoshop.


Practical exercises included localized corrections on landscape and portrait photos. The course also addressed advanced retouching techniques, emphasizing non-destructive methodologies, and covered finishing touches, exportation, and automation in Photoshop, demystifying complex aspects such as optimized sharpening, color profiles, and industry-standard export formats.

Studio Portrait Photography
by Felix Barjou

In Felix Barjou's workshop, I learned to demystify the perceived complexity of studio flash photography. The comprehensive guide provided insights into understanding and manipulating light to enhance portraits.


The course covered essential aspects, including equipment selection, flash settings, and the use of modifiers such as reflectors and gels. Felix demonstrated a variety of lighting schemes, encompassing techniques for achieving soft and hard light, as well as creative effects using gels and multiple flashes.


The practical session, featuring Barjou in action during a photoshoot, offered valuable insights that concluded the program, providing a hands-on understanding of the concepts learned.

Beauty Photography by Quentin Decaillet

The Beauty Photography course provided a comprehensive understanding of blending portrait and product photography, emphasizing teamwork and technical skills.


The program covered a broad spectrum, demystifying the genre and illustrating its applicability to both luxury industries and individual clients.


The course covered assembling and managing teams, various lighting setups applicable, idea development, and fostering a unique photographic style.

 The objectives included understanding beauty, mastering equipment, lighting techniques, composition, idea creation, pre-production book development, and practical beauty shoots, concluding with insights into the business aspects of beauty photography.

Beauty Photo Retouching by Quentin Decaillet

In the Beauty Retouching course, I acquired advanced retouching techniques for achieving magazine-quality results without relying on external plugins.


The comprehensive program covered skin retouching, morphological correction, hair editing, makeup adjustments, and more using Photoshop and Capture One tools.


The course emphasized workflow, analysis, and the application of professional retouching standards. The bonus materials included Photoshop actions, raw files for practice, a course booklet, brushes, resources, quizzes, and practical exercises.


The evaluation focused on achieving course objectives, and the program concluded with insights into the business aspect of retouching.

Real Estate Photography
by Antonio Gaudencio

The course, led by Antonio Gaudencio, covers fundamentals, adaptability, client interaction, real estate market and considerations for final image use.

Practical insights, experience, and technical keys for various demands, from framing to resolutions, are provided.


It emphasizes adaptability to different spaces, understanding client needs, and delivering quality images for diverse purposes.

Content includes equipment overview, perspective, composition, shooting techniques, and practical applications. The course concludes with pricing and service delivery guidance for real estate photography.

In Sandrine Saadi's course, I gained comprehensive knowledge to enhance my expertise in culinary photography. Covering composition, color management, and productivity optimization.

Styling techniques, subject enhancement, and storytelling in culinary photography were explored in depth. Practical aspects such as equipment usage, lighting, and post-processing were extensively covered.

Additionally, the course delved into promoting and managing a photography business, offering valuable insights into client relationships and project management.

Alice Prenat's corporate portrait photography course focuses on three key elements: technique, interpersonal skills, and business strategy.

Covering essential topics such as equipment selection, lighting setups, posing techniques, body language, and post-processing. Efficient workflow organization is emphasized for overall productivity.


The course also guides on the business aspects of corporate photography, providing strategic positioning for profitability.

Antonio Gaudencio's landscape photography course significantly enhanced my skills in capturing both natural and urban landscapes creatively.


The emphasis on technique serving individual creativity and breaking away from conventional standards was transformative.


The course covered essential aspects from shooting techniques to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.


The program's informative and creative approaches, provided a well-rounded foundation for mastering natural and urban landscape photography.

Dark Wood and Black Modern Minimal Desk Setup. Photo by Joana Santos, Studio photographer in Algarve, Portugal

My private photo studio at your service, remotely !

Easy online booking, client selection, print and downloads via my photo gallery redefine the photography experience.

Experience the privileges of my fully equipped private photo studio in Algarve, Portugal, ensuring both on-location and in studio photography services tailored to your marketing needs.

My photo studio stands out for its flexibility, offering both on-location and in-studio services for product, food, beauty, portrait, and real estate photography. Catering to your every imagery need, I've got you covered

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