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Professional Studio Headshot and Portrait of Joana Santos, Commercial Photographer based in Portugal, Algarve.

Joana Santos

Commercial Photographer

As a professional photographer, whether shooting in a studio or on location, I am committed to excellence in providing high-quality commercial photography services. With specialized training and a wealth of experience in various areas, including Product, Food, Real Estate, Portrait and Beauty Photography. I invest in ongoing education in photography, editing and retouchingto stay up-to-date on industry trends and techniques. Dedicated to excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with clients, I help bring their vision to life through the power of photography. Contact me today and see how my expertise in commercial photography can benefit your business.


Professional Photography Services

In-studio and on-location photography services for a variety of commercial purposes, ensuring that each photograph aligns with client's expectations.

Photo Editing

Working with powerful photo editing tools for proper image adjustments, to enhance the appearance of each photograph by showcasing its best qualities.

Photo Retouching Services

The retouching process involves a number of steps to prepare a photograph for final presentation, including making slight or complex alterations.


My photo studio,

the central hub of my business.

Located in beautiful Portugal, my fully equipped studio is optimized for flexibility and functionality. All of my equipment is designed to be easily transportable, making it convenient for me to bring my studio to you.

 With a range of photo studio equipment and a photo retouching workstation, I designed an organized and calm environment in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

01 (1).jpg

Wherever you are,
my portable photo studio can come to you.

My equipment's portability allows me to deliver high-quality photography services on-site without compromising the quality of my work. With a simple and efficient setup, I work productively and produce high-quality images for my clients. All equipment is easily portable, enabling me to pack and set up wherever needed. Each piece has its designated place, making it hassle-free to pack away and set up for on-location shoots.



Mylène Jaoui
Packshot, Product & Lifestyle Photography

Joana shot a few brands for us. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Her work is outstanding. She’s careful with every single little details, and SO artistic. Plus she’s the sweetest person you could deal with.
Please don’t get her too busy so she could save time for us


Get personalized solutions for your unique needs

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