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I've rebranded ! Not just the visual identity, I changed all my working process to improve my service quality and elevate my brand's look and feel.

Among the MANY new features, here is a non-exhaustive list of them :

  • Brand new website (lauching soon) - secure and RGPD friendly

  • Debit & Credit Card payments

  • Personal data encrypted when filling out my contact form

  • Member area password-accessible

  • Quote system to securely accept your quote in 1 click

  • Electronically signable contracts with secure and legally binding eSignatures

  • Copyright tracking tool

  • New editing software for a more efficient workflow as well as better quality colors and textures

  • Free 1 month shareable online photo gallery password protected

  • Custom print store with A LOT of products & options all made by European Photo Labs, directly in your gallery.

  • Buyable Cloud storage to backup your photos

  • Online Booking

& More... Visit my website for further informations

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