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Beach Bachelorette Photoshoot in Algarve

Make your beach bachelorette unforgettable with a photo session and relive the joy through prints

  • From 240 euros

Service Description

Love and Fun at the Beach! 🏖️ Capture the Joy of Your Bachelorette Party with a Stunning Photo Session in the Beautiful Algarve. Embrace the magic of the moment as you and your friends pose for the camera, guided by the local photographer Joana Santos. Feel the love and laughter as we immortalize your bachelorette adventure, ensuring every special moment is beautifully preserved in print. In today's digital world, holding a physical photo album or print is a nostalgic and powerful way to cherish memories. Your private online gallery will be your treasure trove, where you can relive the joy and excitement of your bachelorette party for years to come. From photo albums to prints, frames, calendars, greeting cards, and more, our personalized print store makes it easy to preserve your cherished moments. I believe in providing only the highest quality and most durable products, and that's why I partner with reputable European photo laboratories for all your printing needs. My services are inclusive and open to everybody including invidivuals, families and couples of all ages, ethnicity, genres and sexual orientation as my services are LGBTQIA+ friendly. Advice : I recommend to book a photoshoot 30 min before the sunset in order to have the best light. ____ This Service Include : - 30 min beach photoshoot. - Web-size files 1600px for personal use. - 1 month free access to password protected private online photo gallery. - Access to shop to order prints via the photo gallery. - Free reschedule : In case of rain, strong wind, snow or any other weather condition that could cause damage to the photographer equipment. Note that it is requested to each participant to fill in a Photo Release Form in order to respect image rights. The forms is publicly accessible on my contact page. ____ For any requests that are not included in this service, please contact me directly through my contact page or request a price quote. Should you require any further information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Cancellation Policy

Weather: The Photographer commits to advising the Client(s) on the optimal time of day for the photoshoot, taking into account the date, sunshine duration, and sun position to maximize the chances of achieving the best lighting results. However, the Photographer cannot be held responsible for factors such as brightness, wind, cloud cover, shade, sun, rain, fog, mist, or any other natural weather patterns. Rescheduling due to Inclement Weather: In the event of rain, strong wind, snow, or any other adverse weather that could potentially damage the photographer's equipment, the photo session will be rescheduled. The fees paid by the client, including photographer fees, editing fees, and photo license fees, will be credited towards a future session. However, any costs, expenses, and fees already incurred will be due. Client's Cancellation Policy: If the Client(s) wishes to reschedule or cancel the photoshoot due to weather conditions that allow the session to be conducted safely without risking damage to the photographic equipment (e.g., full sun, partial shade, cloudy sky, fog), it will be considered a cancellation by the Client(s). In such cases, the Client(s) will be held responsible for 100% of the fees, costs, and expenses incurred by the Photographer as a result of the cancellation. Terms and Conditions Apply: By booking a session on Joana Santos' website, clients agree to our terms and conditions. Find the full details here : Privacy Policy: For information on how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy here :

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