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Catalog Product Packshot

E-Commerce Product Photography Service. Perfectly Tailored Images for a Seamless Book Online Today !

Service Description

Elevate your catalog with our comprehensive Catalog Product Packshot service, and embark on a seamless journey with our online booking system to access top-tier product photography services. Collaborate with Joana Santos, an accomplished freelance photographer, for a stress-free photography service. Our meticulous approach captures the essence of your products with precision for ultimate versatility. With the addition of expert clipping paths, your images are tailored for easy incorporation into catalogs, digital or print making it an ideal choice for e-commerce and marketing needs. ___ Key Features: - Professional Catalog Product Packshots - Inclusive Clipping Path for Versatility - Meticulous Attention to Detail Included Services: - Studio Photoshoot with Precision Lighting - Clipping Path for Easy Integration - High-End Retouching - Convenient Online Photo Gallery Delivery ____ Note : Our pricing per photograph, applicable on business day from 8AM to 6PM (Lisbon UTC), is shown ecl.VAT and excludes products larger than 1 meter, licensing, models, as well as bottle, food, drink, and artwork photography.

Cancellation Policy

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