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Contemporary Product Packshot

E-Commerce Product Photography Service. Book Online Today !

Service Description

Embark on a seamless journey with our online booking system to access top-tier product photography services. Collaborate with Joana Santos, an accomplished freelance photographer, for a stress-free photography service. The contemporary product packshot service epitomizes contemporary aesthetics, featuring sharp focus on your products against subtle background tones and diffused shadows, culminating in a refined visual appeal. The end result is a striking product presentation infused with a modern edge—perfect for businesses worldwide seeking superior product imagery. ___ Key Features: - Modern, Contemporary Images - Choice of White, Grey, or Solid Color Backgrounds - Expert Lighting for High-End Presentation Included Services: - Professional Studio Photoshoot - Expert Lighting Techniques - High-End Retouching - Convenient Online Photo Gallery Delivery ____ Note : Our pricing per photograph, applicable on business day from 8AM to 6PM (Lisbon UTC), is shown ecl.VAT and excludes products larger than 1 meter, licensing, models, as well as bottle, food, drink, and artwork photography.

Cancellation Policy

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