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High Key Beauty Portrait Photography

High Key Beauty Portrait Photograph on pure White Background, High End Skin Editing and Retouching.

Service Description

Bright and clean look for your beauty portrait with my high key photography service. As a professional photographer, I will create high-quality photographs that showcase you or a model in the best possible light. This style of photography a focus on the subject, on a pure white background. Models are carefully chosen, and will be styled and posed to suit the look and feel requested. A makeup artists will ensure that yours or the model's makeup is clean and polished, highlighting natural beauty. In addition to this service, clients can easily purchase photo licensing and print through my online photo gallery. I also offer the option to purchase a photo backup for added peace of mind, ensuring that your bottle photographs are always at your disposal. ____ This Service Include : - 1 In-Studio Photoshoot. - Light Setup : 1. - Look : 1. - Edited photograph(s) : 1 (more if selected by clients in options). - Background : Pure White. - High End Skin Editing and Retouching - Photographer Fees, Editing and Retouching Fees, Studio Usage and Equipment Fees. - Free Password Access to Client’s Online Photo Gallery, that will remain online for one month following photograph’s delivery, to do the selection and download the images. - Free Access to Private Shop to Preview, Order and Purchase Prints via the Photo Gallery. This service does NOT Include : - Model Casting Call. - Clean-cut Retouching. - Licensing / Usage Fees. - Prints. - Makeup. - Revisions. - Travel Fees (if the photoshoot is on-location). - Models, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Support Staff. - Photo Backup. ____ For any requests that are not included in this service, please contact me directly through my contact page or request a price quote. Should you require any further information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Cancellation Policy

By booking a service on you accept and agree the Terms & Conditions.

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