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Real Estate Photo Package Standard

20 Still Photos : to highlight the best aspects of a private or commercial space.

Service Description

This package is perfect for anyone in need of a few high-quality photographs, including commercial properties, real estate agencies, property sellers, long-term rentals, and vacation rentals. With this package, you will receive 10 still photos Including both exterior and interior shots that highlight the best aspects of your space. With these 20 photographs, you will have all the basic visual marketing material you need to showcase your location online or in print; 1 - An exterior photograph will showcase the front of your commercial or private property, highlighting its architectural details and any outdoor seating or storefront displays. 2 - An interior photograph will showcase the inside of your commercial or private property, highlighting any interesting design elements or merchandise displays. As a real estate photographer I capture stunning images that showcase the unique features and character of commercial and private properties, making it easy to market. Whether you are looking to attract customers or simply want to document the beauty of your space, your real estate photographer has you covered. Book now and let me help you showcase your property in the best light! ____ This Service Include : - 1 On-Location Photoshoot. - Photographs : 20 Still Photos (HDR). - Post Production : Editing + Retouching. - Photographer Fees, Editing and Retouching Fees and Equipment Fees. - Free Password Access to Client’s Online Photo Gallery, that will remain online for one month following photograph’s delivery, to do the selection and download the images. - Free Access to Private Online Shop to Preview, Order and Purchase Prints via the Photo Gallery. This service does NOT Include : - Additional Shots. - Licensing / Usage Fees. - Prints. - Revisions. - Travel Costs and Fees. - Aerial Photographs. - Photo Backup. ____ This applies only to a single property, including a house, apartment, or room in a hotel. For travel costs and any additional requests that are not included in this service, please contact me directly through my contact page or request a price quote. Should you require any further information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Cancellation Policy

By booking a service on you accept and agree the Terms & Conditions.

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