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Wall Art Reproduction Photography

Elevate your art catalog with high-quality photography - Book Online Today

Service Description

Experience our Wall Art Photography service, where we expertly preserve every detail, faithfully reproducing original pieces with precision and without unwanted reflections. This specialized photoshoot can be arranged either in studio or at a location of your choice, tailored to suit your preferences and specific needs, whether it involves reproducing artworks or photographing framed pieces a your wall or white backdrop. Book online Joana Santos, a freelance photographer specializing in commercial photography, to effortlessly elevate your brand's imagery and visual storytelling. __ Key Features: - Precision Reproduction - No Reflections - Flexible Photoshoot Locations - Wall / White Background Included Services: - Portable Studio Lighting - Expert Lighting Techniques - High-End Retouching - Convenient Online Photo Gallery Delivery __ Please note that our pricing is per photograph and applies during business hours from 8 AM to 6 PM (Lisbon UTC). Prices exclude VAT, licensing, creative and support staff, transport and travel fees.

Cancellation Policy

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