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Aerial 360° Virtual Tour

Create a lasting impression by offering an immersive and innovative way to experience the property

  • From 125 euros

Service Description

Tired of conventional property listings? Elevate your marketing strategy with our innovative aerial tours – a refreshing twist on property presentation! Enrich your virtual tour with aerial 360º photos, delivering a comprehensive view of the property layout, surroundings, and nearby attractions. Dive into an immersive experience that captivates potential buyers and sets your listing apart. This service is provided by Rui, a trusted collaborator. The virtual tour operator will work closely with you to ensure all the best features of your property are highlighted, providing a seamless and engaging virtual experience for prospective buyers. _______________________ HOW IT WORKS ? 1. Book online your virtual tour service on my website 2. Prepare your property 3. The drone pilot captures 360° aerial photographs of the property 4. Post-production process 5. Receive a link / iFrame for easy integration into your website or online listing _______________________ KEY FEATURES : - Online booking - Immersive 360° panoramic HDR photographs - Up to 2 navigation points - 1 location, coverage limited to a 200-meter radius from the take-off point - Virtual tour ready to use and share - Compatibility with web and mobile devices for easy viewing - Easy website integration - Perpetual Real Estate Usage Rights ADD-ONS*: - Extra Navigation Point (non-aerial) : 10 € / Extra 360º Photo - Extra Aerial Shot (non-360º) : 10€ / Extra Photo - Extra Navigation Point : 20€ / Extra 360º Aerial Photo - Aerial Video (<1min) : 100€ / Extra Video _______________________ Top 6 Benefits : - Streamlined booking process - Increased engagement from potential buyers - Reduction in unnecessary property visits - Time-saving for both sellers and buyers - Improved buyer confidence and trust - Competitive advantage in the real estate market _______________________ Note: Virtual tour service provided at client's location in Alentejo and Algarve, Portugal. Clients are responsible for the house preparation. * Add-ons are to be included within the package for a single session only. Coverage extends up to 200 meters from the take-off point, excluding locations beyond this distance. One booking per property (house, apartment, land). Large structures may require custom pricing. The pricing is applicable on business days from 9 AM to 6 PM (Lisbon UTC), excluding VAT. Not included in the package: pre-shoot consultation and location scouting, support staff, property preparation.

Cancellation Policy

Virtual Tour Policy: Service Provider : This service is provided by an independent Virtual Tour Operator and Drone Pilot, Rui - website : - email : Booking via Website: The booking made via Joana Santos' website is considered a pre-booking. Booking Window : If an aerial service is requested, obtaining fly authorization for aerial sessions may take additional time. To accommodate the potential delay, clients are encouraged to book within the window of 15 days to 3 months before the shooting day. Payment Process: After pre-booking, clients will receive an email containing instructions for payment via bank transfer. Payment is due upon receipt of the email. Booking Confirmation : The booking will be confirmed by the virtual tour operator and drone pilot only after successful payment. Following payment, the fly authorization request, if required, will be promptly submitted. Virtual Tour Delivery: Client will receive a link / iFrame for easy integration into a website or online listing. Safety Measures: The drone pilot adheres to safety regulations during aerial sessions, and clients are expected to cooperate with any safety guidelines provided. Cancellations or Rescheduling: If cancellation or rescheduling is not due to adverse weather conditions, no refund will be provided due to loss of potential opportunities. Weather Disclaimer: Weather conditions are beyond the virtual tour operator and drone pilot's control, and specific patterns cannot be guaranteed. In cases of rain, strong winds, or any adverse weather conditions posing a risk to safety or potential equipment damage, clients are eligible for a free reschedule without incurring additional fees, except for pre-existing costs and expenses. If a client wishes to cancel a photoshoot due to personal weather preferences, it will be considered a client-initiated cancellation with no refund provided. Terms and Conditions Apply: By booking a session on Joana Santos' website, clients agree to our terms and conditions. Find the full details here : Privacy Policy: For information on how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy here :

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