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Model Digitals Photoshoot

Easily book online your Model Digitals Photoshoot to elevate your casting options

Service Description

Book online today to elevate your model portfolio and casting options with our Model Digitals Photoshoot service. Whether you're an aspiring model breaking into the industry or a seasoned pro in need of fresh images, our Model Digitals Photoshoot service is tailored to meet your unique needs. ___ Key Features: - Raw and Authentic: Capturing the model's natural beauty without heavy retouching. - Versatile Shots: Providing a variety of poses and expressions to showcase the model's range. - Natural and Unretouched: Authenticity is key; we capture your true essence without retouching. - Quick Turnaround: Get your digitals and polaroids promptly for your convenience. - Convenient Photo Gallery: The photographs can be previewed, selected, and downloaded by the model in a password-protected photo gallery. ____ Get Ready : - Fill in the Model Release Form : - Get a basic outfit : black/grey/white top and leggings/jeans. - High heels are recommended for anyone who wants to wear them. - Wear your natural hair. - Bring your hair/beard brush. - If you have long hairs, bring a hair tie. - Deep clean and moisturize your skin. No makeup ! - Bring your bottle of water and stay hydrated. - Have a good night's sleep. - Avoid the sun few days before the photoshoot. - Avoid sunglasses before the photoshoot. - Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, cigarette the day of the photoshoot. ____ Please note that our pricing is per person and session, and applies during business hours from 8 AM to 6 PM (Lisbon UTC). Prices exclude VAT, licensing and travel/transport fees.

Cancellation Policy

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