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Real Estate Aerial Photo + Video Package

Comprehensive solution to help your real estate listing stand out with immersive aerial content

  • From 225 euros

Service Description

Easily schedule your real estate aerial photo + video service online, select your preferred aerial shots from a private photo gallery, and receive the final video ready to elevate your listing. This service is provided by my trusted collaborator Rui, a skilled drone pilot providing professional aerial photo & video services for real estate agents and property managers seeking to enhance the marketability of their properties. _______________________ HOW IT WORKS ? 1. Book online your drone service on my website 2. Prepare your property for the shoot 3. Real estate aerial photo + video session 4. Receive a link to your private photo gallery to select your favorite 10 photos 5. Post-production process 6. Download the polished, edited photographs directly from your photo gallery 7. Download the final video ready to use _______________________ KEY FEATURES : - Online booking - Real estate photo + video session - Client selection via photo gallery - up to 1 min video - up to 10 aerial photographs - 1 location, coverage limited to a 200-meter radius from the take-off point - Private photo gallery - Perpetual Real Estate Usage Rights - Web-ready file - 1 Flight Authorization Request with a 249g Drone ADD-ONS*: Aerial Shot : 10 € / Extra Photo Aerial 360º Shot : 20€ / Extra Photo Aerial Video (<1min) : 100€ / Extra Video _______________________ Top 5 Benefits : - Streamlined booking process - Comprehensive property views - Eye-catching marketing material - Ability to showcase property features effectively - Provide context of the neighborhood - Enhance property listing appeal _______________________ Note: Aerial Photo + Video service provided at client's location in Alentejo and Algarve, Portugal. Clients are responsible for the house preparation. * Add-ons are to be included within the package for a single session only. Coverage extends up to 200 meters from the take-off point, excluding locations beyond this distance. One booking per property (house, apartment, land). Large structures may require custom pricing. The pricing is applicable on business days from 9 AM to 6 PM (Lisbon UTC), excluding VAT. Not included in the package: pre-shoot consultation and location scouting, support staff, property preparation.

Cancellation Policy

Aerial Photography and Videography Policy: Service Provider : This service is provided by an independent drone pilot, Rui - website : - email : Booking via Website: The booking made via Joana Santos' website is considered a pre-booking. Booking Window : Obtaining fly authorization for aerial sessions may take additional time. To accommodate the potential delay, clients are encouraged to book within the window of 15 days to 3 months before the shooting day. Payment Process: After pre-booking, clients will receive an email containing instructions for payment via bank transfer. Payment is due upon receipt of the email. Booking Confirmation : The booking will be confirmed by the drone pilot only after successful payment. Following payment, the fly authorization request will be promptly submitted. Image Delivery and Gallery: Photographs will be delivered in 2048px through a photo gallery for selection and download. Additional photographs can be purchased directly within the gallery. Video Delivery via WeTransfer: Final edited videos will be securely delivered via WeTransfer. Safety Measures: The drone pilot adheres to safety regulations during aerial sessions, and clients are expected to cooperate with any safety guidelines provided. Cancellations or Rescheduling: If cancellation or rescheduling is not due to adverse weather conditions, no refund will be provided due to loss of potential opportunities. Weather Disclaimer: Weather conditions are beyond the drone pilot's control, and specific patterns cannot be guaranteed. In cases of rain, strong winds, or any adverse weather conditions posing a risk to safety or potential equipment damage, clients are eligible for a free reschedule without incurring additional fees, except for pre-existing costs and expenses. If a client wishes to cancel a photoshoot due to personal weather preferences, it will be considered a client-initiated cancellation with no refund provided. Terms and Conditions Apply: By booking a session on Joana Santos' website, clients agree to our terms and conditions. Find the full details here : Privacy Policy: For information on how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy here :

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