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Real Estate Pre-Shoot Consultation

Maximize your property's potential with atailored pre-shoot consultation. Book online today !

Service Description

Book your Real Estate Pre-Shoot Consultation online now for expert advice and personalized service. KEY FEATURES : - Online Booking: Conveniently reserve your consultation on my website. - Location Scouting: Assessing unique features and lighting conditions. - Consultation Session: Discussing your needs, preferences, and expectations. - Preparation Guidance: Offering practical advice for optimal presentation. - Customized Planning: Developing a tailored plan for your shoot. INCLUDED : Packages Recommendation: Based on your needs and preferences, I'll suggest the most suitable package, including options for photography, videography, virtual tours, and aerial photo & video services. Pricing Quote for à la carte service: I'll provide transparent pricing information, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your budget and requirements _______________________ Note: Service provided by Joana Santos, Commercial Photographer, at client's location in Portugal. The package is limited to 1 hour and doesn't include any professional photography service, and pricing is applicable on business days from 8 AM to 6 PM (Lisbon UTC), excluding VAT.

Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions Apply: By booking a session on Joana Santos' website, clients agree to our terms and conditions. Find the full details here : Privacy Policy: For information on how we handle your data, please review our privacy policy here :

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