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Chilled Beer Bottle Photoshoot

Styling a Bottle and setup up a photoshoot for a it requires skills on styling and lighting tecnhiques to make it look fresh. Below, you'll see the behind the scenes, details of the process, the editing and final images.

Could you guess that the condensation is fake ?

The Bottle preparation is very important; For a chilled look I create condensation artificially to control the shapes and sizes of the drops, in order to have a natural rendering. Once the bottle is prepared, the water drops don't evaporate nor move.

Behind the scenes :

The key light gives a diffused top light on the label and cap, to enhance the paper texture and drops. The backlight is a flash with a diffuser, to show the liquid. There is two strip box to highlight the contours, one is coupled with a diffuser to create a half sharp half diffused light reflection. They both higlight the condensation.

Editing & Retouching :

Photographing the lights individually and blending them on Photoshop is a great technique to avoid undisered reflections, it makes corrections much more efficient. The editing process is crucial as the Raw files are flat, perfect to work with. I start to correct the brightness, contrast, detail and showcase every color individually with a colorimetry correction.

Credits : Lighting, Photography, Editing, Styling : Joana Santos, Commercial Photographer Location : Joana Santos Commercial Photographer Private Studio based in Odeceixe, Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal, Europe.


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